Webmaster GES 308 » 150 hours

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This program will help you gain the skills and knowledge necessary to develop websites for both Internet content and Web applications. You will learn basic skills in HTML5 and CSS3 coding that allow you to build professional websites.

The course walks through several advanced website-building features. Learn how to use advanced HTML5 codes for embedding multimedia elements such as audio and video clips, advanced CSS3 styling for manipulating images on the Web page, and JavaScript involved in creating dynamic Web pages. 

"My facilitator was very supportive and encouraging. He was there whenever I had questions and made sure that I had a clear understanding of the course material. I really enjoyed this course."
- M.G., Greenville Technical College

"Instructor Scofield is a wonderful and down to earth kind of guy, the best kind of teacher!"
- E.K., Carl Sandburg College

"The online course material always seemed applicable to real world circumstances. The facilitator was invested in my understanding of the material and my success in reaching my career goals. The support was truly exceptional. At all times I knew I would have the guidance of the Professor to show me what the book was designed to instruct."
- C.D., George Mason University

"I enjoyed the timely and supportive response of my Webmaster Course Instructor. His help showed me many of my mistakes and helped me to prepare for each test."
- R.P., Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

"During the entire process, from start to finish, I was receiving reminders and updates from my facilitator and the staff which made me feel secure knowing that if I needed help in any way, it was just a phone call or email away."
- M.W., National University Division of Extended Learning

"My overall experience was great. I am considering taking another class with ed2go in the future. The material was easy to understand and the facilitator was supportive, knowledgeable and quick to reply. I am very pleased with the course and with my accomplishments"
- I.C., Victoria School of Business and Technology