Certified Residential Interior Designer GES 515 » 120 hours

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The online Residential Interior Design Education (R.I.D.E.) program is available to both aspiring designing individuals and interior designers who are wanting to increase their education, career opportunities, and professional status in the interior design industry. The R.I.D.E. certification trains new designers and increases the credentials for designers in current practice.

This program will not only give you the basic skills and background you need to start working as an interior home designer, but the R.I.D.E. credential will also increase your status with potential clients. You will explore the cornerstones of professional design, discover how to plan both visually appealing and functional spaces, and study how interior design has evolved throughout history.

This program will also provide you with an education on ethics that you can apply to your own practice. This resourcefulness of ethical standards will increase your worth as a designer and make you a stronger candidate in the industry.   

Upon completion of this program, you will take the Residential Interior Designer Exam (R.I.D.E.) as the final. Also after completion, you can qualify for benefits such as a free one-year Designer Society of America, or DSA designer membership and possible participation in a 40-hour internship through DSA, if you meet certain eligibility requirements.

"Facilitator was very helpful, greatly and enthusiastically sharing her knowledge and experience."
- L.S., Edmonds Community College, Business & Training Center

"I appreciated the ease of navigating through course, the depth of info of the course. The facilitator was very helpful, offered advice and feedback that was informative and useful. Great overall experience!"
- K.W., Tennessee State University

"My instructor was very supportive and kind throughout the program. The course was very instructive and support was always there when I needed it."
- M.S., University of Central Florida

"Natasha was amazing! I live in Zhuhai, China and she was understanding and helpful the entire way. This is the first time I have taken an online course and I must say I was very lucky to have such a wonderful, caring, supportive facilitator as Natasha. She is a gem!"
- C.P., Monroe Community College

"The Residential Interior Designer course was a wonderful experience for me. I am a person who already has three years of college in an unrelated area of study and am wanting to enter the interior design field. The instructor, Natasha Lima-Younts, was extremely helpful; she was eager to share her professional knowledge and experience. I greatly appreciate the level of enthusiastic support and the personal and prompt attention offered cheerfully to a student in every turn. I particularly enjoyed the way the course was written -- in a spirit of friendliness and optimism -- and still so informative, yet easy to read. The included textbook serves as a valuable addition to the course, with a vast source of comprehensive information. I would recommend this course to any residential interior designer."
- L.S., Edmonds Community College

“I entered the 13th Annual Northwest Design Awards contest back in the fall sponsored by Seattle Design Center. In the student category I won the 1st or 2nd place! At the award ceremony they will tell me which one. Thank you ed2go!"
- L.S., Edmonds Community College

"Thank you so much for your feedback, it has meant a lot to me, and I'm grateful for the time you have taken to point me in the right direction and encourage me!"
- P.R., University of Georgia

"I greatly enjoyed the set up of the program, very easy to understand and follow. I cannot say enough good things about my facilitator, she was absolutely amazing. I have and would recommend this program to many more people in the future. Y'all are doing a wonderful job. Thank you for creating such a great program!"
- G.J., University of Texas at Arlington, Division of Continuing Education