Physical Therapy Aide GES 125 » 150 hours

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In this online program, you will master all the skills you need to begin a career as a physical therapy aide. You will learn what physical therapy entails, identify the responsibilities of a PT aide, and develop a working knowledge of anatomy and medical terminology. In addition, you will get a solid grounding in patient care skills, infection control, and the legal and ethical regulations that affect healthcare providers. By the end of the program, you will be fully prepared to obtain an entry-level position as a PT aide in a healthcare facility.

"I enjoyed the feedback in my lesson assignments. It made me feel like what I did meant something and wasn't just ignored."
- S.G., University College at Bath/Brunswick

"Every aspect was awesome, never gets boring and keeps your attention. I wasn't big on school but this is the best. I had fun and my teacher was real and quick with help. I am going to be taking another course here in the next month and am looking forward to it. Thanks to everyone."
- M.H., University of Texas at Arlington, Division of Continuing Education

"The facilitator, Holly, was excellent. I enjoyed the course, learned a lot, and feel prepared to go out and apply for a job."
- T.J., Mira Costa College

"I enjoyed the course material that was given and the freedom to complete the required readings and assignments at my own pace. Every aspect of this course was greater than what I had expected!"
- S.P., Technical College of the Lowcountry

"Everything was wonderful and everyone was very helpful. I enjoyed everything about this service. My instructor was awesome! She always gave me helpful and positive feedback."
- W.P., University of Texas at Arlington, Division of Continuing Education

"I enjoyed the fact that it was an at-your-own-pace course, which allowed me to work around anything else I had going on. The course text, assignments, and quizzes were also very easy to understand and do and the facilitator always included a comment with assignment grade to indicate what I did right or wrong."
- K.P., Waubonsee Community College

"I enjoyed doing my work at my own pace. When I asked questions I received immediate responses and that’s a big plus for me."
- W.D., Technical College of the Lowcountry

"This is my first time taking an online course and it was more fun than a traditional class. It was very easy to understand the information. The exercises in this program enhanced my skills."
- Y.Y., Three Rivers Community College

"My instructor, Ms. Holly was awesome and helpful!"
- J.O., California State University San Marcos