iPhone/ iPad (iOS) Application Developer GES 320 » 200 hours

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This program will provide you with a basic understanding of application development using Apple’s Objective-C programming language, and is based on Xcode5. This program is not concurrent with the most recent technology; however, as it does not address Swift iOS Development or Xcode6, which were both released by Apple in September of 2014.

Start an exciting new career in an expanding technical field as a iOS app developer.

Companies and organizations, both small and large, are looking for new ways to attract current and prospective users of their products, services, and information. These businesses are using iPhone and iPad applications to increase their customer interaction. Additionally, iOS applications bring media and entertainment into the hands of iPhone users who enjoy listening to music, watching videos, and participating in invigorating gaming experiences.

In this online program, prepare to create compelling iPhone and iPad apps.   You will gain the credentials that will expand your opportunities for employment and set you apart from others competing in the industry. You will even build your own application that you can showcase in your portfolio and demonstrate to potential employers. Begin learning the essentials you need to create iOS apps, and build marketable experience.