Advanced Hospital Coding and CCS Prep GES 104 » 80 hours

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The Advanced Hospital Medical Coding Online Program and CCS Test Preparation Training Program will prepare you to take the American Health Information Management Association's (AHIMA) official certification exam to become a Certified Coding Specialist (CCS). This program covers advanced ICD-9 medical coding procedures and will help you meet the challenge of today's changing standards while learning and improving your coding skills.

This online certificate program is offered in partnership with major colleges, universities, and other accredited education providers.

"As a bilingual I really enjoy everything about this course... The teacher responded very promptly whenever I sent her a question; this is a great opportunity for anyone who would love to achieve a better future for tomorrow"
- E.H., DePaul University

"My facilitator's responses were always quick when I had a question. Bunny is very knowledgeable."
- M.S., Excelsior College

"My facilitator was always easy to contact and always answered questions quickly. I thought the course was very well organized, especially for a course that contains so many smaller areas within a broader-based field of content. This course had to be difficult to set up and have the information flow as smoothly as it did. It was very well set up in my opinion. This contributed greatly to my ability to learn and relate the various types of information so that I could complete assignments and tests. I had an excellent learning experience. This is exactly the type of learning environment that students need. I learn more in a positive learning environment where I feel comfortable asking questions and that sums up my experience with the AHC & CCS Prep course. It was great!"
- E.B., Middle Tennessee State University

"I enjoyed the ability to work at my own pace. The immediate feedback from my facilitator was amazing and the coursework was exceptional. I will be recommending ed2go to everyone. Thank You."
- B.V., University of Houston

"I liked that it was available to do at my own pace and yet I could reach someone when I had a question. The combination of the online course and the books proved to be an intense learning experience. I am happy that I was able to pass the CCS exam earlier this week and could not have done it without this preparation!"
- M.H., Madonna University