Demo Lesson

Chapter 1

1. Navigating the Presentation

2. Introduction

Chapter 2

1. General Guidelines...

2. General Guidelines (cont.)...

Chapter 3

1. Choosing Artwork

2. Hanging and Displaying...

Chapter 4

1. Choosing Accessories

2. Choosing Accessories (cont.)

3. Displaying Objects

Chapter 5

1. Grouping Artwork...

2. Growing Good Energy

3. How Does the TV Fit In?

Chapter 6

1. Summary

2. Conclusion




Next Steps
Okay, you're nearly finished with this lesson in the Residential Interior Designer program. After you finish reading this presentation, close this window, return to the topic outline page, and go to the next link, Quiz, in order to take a quick multiple-choice quiz to make sure you're really grasping all of the concepts we've been talking about.

After you take the Quiz for this Lesson, I have an Assignment for you to complete. Just click the Lesson 11 Assignments link on the topic outline page.

When you're finished with the assignments, please also spend a few minutes exploring the Supplementary Material page. Here you'll find links to a few related sites that I think you'll find interesting.

And as always, if you have any questions about the lesson (or any other aspect of this course), please don't hesitate to visit the Discussion Forum for this lesson.


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