Demo Lesson

Chapter 1

1. Navigating the Presentation

2. Introduction

Chapter 2

1. General Guidelines...

2. General Guidelines (cont.)...

Chapter 3

1. Choosing Artwork

2. Hanging and Displaying...

Chapter 4

1. Choosing Accessories

2. Choosing Accessories (cont.)

3. Displaying Objects

Chapter 5

1. Grouping Artwork...

2. Growing Good Energy

3. How Does the TV Fit In?

Chapter 6

1. Summary

2. Conclusion




Are you ready to put the finishing touches on any space now? Let's do a quick review of what we covered today:


  • When accessorizing a space, remember the mantra "Less is more," and be careful to preserve light and space.
  • Pay attention to proportion, scale, balance, and symmetry. If you have a mostly symmetrical room, introducing asymmetry in the accessories can be refreshing and interesting.
  • Always treat clients—and their beloved art and objects—with respect. If your clients are having a hard time deciding what to display and what to store, remind them that an accessory's true beauty needs space to shine.
  • Sometimes you'll work with your clients' existing artwork, and other times you'll purchase new pieces for a space. Be sure to buy from reputable dealers and choose pieces that fit with the existing design, or plan a room around a particularly engaging piece.
  • Hang paintings at comfortable eye level, and leave plenty of neutral space around them.
  • Accessories should be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Some objects' primary purpose is to add beauty and luxury to a space.
  • When displaying like objects or pieces of art, group them. Tie photographs or smaller pieces of art together with matching frames.
  • Bring plants, flowers, or other organic elements into interiors to increase good energy and add a splash of color.
  • There's no need to hide the television in a modern room—TVs often make rooms more inviting and intimate. But a TV doesn't have to be the focal point of the room, and it shouldn't be on constantly. Make sure it works within the design of the room.

Above all, accessorizing a space should be fun. There’s no better way to express your personality (or your clients' personalities) than through what you hang on the walls or choose for display. Enjoy the art of embellishment, and let your imagination flow. Experiment. You can spice up contemporary and eclectic styles with objects from the Far East. You can hang modern art in a room with Old World style. Don't worry too much about "rules," but remember the basic guidelines we talked about today, and you'll be well on your way to a perfectly polished space.


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