Demo Lesson

Chapter 1

1. Navigating the Presentation

2. Introduction

Chapter 2

1. General Guidelines...

2. General Guidelines (cont.)...

Chapter 3

1. Choosing Artwork

2. Hanging and Displaying...

Chapter 4

1. Choosing Accessories

2. Choosing Accessories (cont.)

3. Displaying Objects

Chapter 5

1. Grouping Artwork...

2. Growing Good Energy

3. How Does the TV Fit In?

Chapter 6

1. Summary

2. Conclusion


Growing Good Energy


You may hear people talk about a house having "good energy" or "bad energy." What do these terms mean? Imagine that energy is circulating throughout the space where you're sitting. Are you comfortable in the space? Does energy have room to flow? Do the people in the space have room to exist and grow? If so, you'd probably say the space has "good energy."


If a room lacks good energy, what can you do to improve it? One of the best ways to enhance the energy in a space is to bring something organic into it: fresh flowers, plants, or even fruits and vegetables. Some people consider fresh flowers an expensive luxury, while others see them as a necessity—an integral part of the design scheme. If flowers are hard to come by, incorporate something real and organic in your space. It could be a bowl of lemons and limes, pots with bulbs emerging, eggplant and artichokes in a wooden bowl, or a wire basket filled with glossy apples. Any of these items will improve the energy of a room and add a nice splash of color. Simply put, there are no colors like the colors of nature.


Room interior with a plate of fruit
A plate of fruit can be a striking accessory


Live plants can also do a lot to create a pleasant atmosphere. Not only are they visually pleasing, but they also improve the environment by absorbing harmful gases, giving off oxygen, and acting as natural humidifiers. In addition to all that living plants bring to a space, they're a terrific way to add vertical height to a room. 


Don’t consider yourself a green thumb? That's okay—visit a nursery or garden center, and ask a professional about suitable indoor plants for your situation. They'll usually be happy to recommend something that's easy to care for and will look great. In your book on pages 443-447, you can find a discussion of plants and their light and water requirements for guidance.


While you're looking at your textbook, take a minute to review all the pictures in this chapter. How many rooms in the photos are without a live plant, fruit, or flowers somewhere in them? I bet you didn't notice it before, but almost all the rooms contain some kind of organic material. Pay attention to the way plants and flowers contribute to the atmosphere of each room, and try to imagine what would happen if you removed them. What do you think would happen to the room's energy?


Two room interiors with plants
Plants affect a room's energy