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Chapter 1

1. Navigating the Presentation

2. Introduction

Chapter 2

1. General Guidelines...

2. General Guidelines (cont.)...

Chapter 3

1. Choosing Artwork

2. Hanging and Displaying...

Chapter 4

1. Choosing Accessories

2. Choosing Accessories (cont.)

3. Displaying Objects

Chapter 5

1. Grouping Artwork...

2. Growing Good Energy

3. How Does the TV Fit In?

Chapter 6

1. Summary

2. Conclusion


Choosing Accessories


A coat rack, a potted plant, a beautiful vase, a magazine rack—these are all items that we consider accessorie. Many designers classify accessories using two broad categories: functional and aesthetic. In my opinion, that's a false division. All accessories should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This is because one of the many functions of an accessory is to bring aesthetic pleasure. If you keep this rule in mind, you can avoid overdoing accents and accessories. Simply ask yourself the question: What purpose does this serve? If the answer is to fill up space on a wall, shelf, table, or a piece of furniture, you probably need to set that accent piece or accessory aside. Remember that light and space are paramount to good design, and that what you leave out is just as important as what you put in.


Room interior with accessories
Accessories can enhance light and space

Look around your house. Spot all the accessories you can find, and list their functions. Then ask yourself if the items are also pleasant to look at. Good accessories are both beautiful and functional: the magazine rack with Oriental motifs; the foyer seating that serves as a place for coats and purses; the iron coat rack that looks like a sculpted tree with branches; the tray on the ottoman that allows it to function as a small table; the decorative screen behind the sofa that separates the living room from the dining area; the green plant and uplight that grace a dark corner; the mirrored wall that reflects the ocean view to the opposite side of the room, where no ocean view would be possible otherwise; the sofa pillow that allows your short aunt to sit comfortably on the deep sofa; the soft throw that invites people to cuddle and nap; the lamp that provides light and adds height to the table; the urn that reminds you of your trip to Bali…The list could go on and on. The point is that accessories should always add to the space in some positive way. They should not just add to the clutter.


Room interior with accessories
Accessories should add to the space