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Chapter 1

1. Navigating the Presentation

2. Introduction

Chapter 2

1. General Guidelines...

2. General Guidelines (cont.)...

Chapter 3

1. Choosing Artwork

2. Hanging and Displaying...

Chapter 4

1. Choosing Accessories

2. Choosing Accessories (cont.)

3. Displaying Objects

Chapter 5

1. Grouping Artwork...

2. Growing Good Energy

3. How Does the TV Fit In?

Chapter 6

1. Summary

2. Conclusion



noteLesson 11 Reading: Please complete your reading before you start the online lesson.

  • Chapter 14, "Accessories, Art, Signage," pages 438-453 (up to "Signage and Graphics")


A strange thing can happen when you get close to completing an interior design project. You and your team have installed the flooring, painted the walls, treated the windows, put in lighting, and arranged the furniture…but the room still feels strangely unfinished. What's missing? Probably the finishing touches that come in the form of art and accessories.


Well-designed spaces come to life when you introduce the finishing touches. Works of art and functional accessories go a long way to determine the personality of a space. Paintings, sculptures, collected items, photographs, and the like lend individuality, wit, charm, and interest to a room, making it clear that it could not be anyone else’s house. Art, objects, decorative accents, and plants are hardly incidentals. They add warmth, opulence, color, and character. They're part of any good design plan and deserve a great deal of attention, even if they seem like relatively small details in the grand scheme of a project.


In this lesson, you'll learn some guidelines to help you work with art and accessories, whether they're items that the occupants already own or you're hand-selecting them for the space. Here are the topics we'll cover:


  • What to keep in mind while accessorizing a space, including proportion, symmetry, balance, and the importance of preserving light and space
  • How to help clients edit their existing collections and avoid clutter
  • How to choose and hang artwork
  • How to choose and display accessories
  • How to  group artwork and accessories
  • How to incorporate plants into a space
  • What to do with televisions in rooms you're accessorizing

Like choosing jewelry or a hat to go with your favorite outfit, choosing artwork and accessories can be very satisfying. In Chapter 2, you'll learn some ground rules to help you get started.