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Welcome to the Demo of ed2go's Medical Terminology course!


This demo consist of a sample of the actual course contents from "Unit 1: Your Foundation in Medical Terminology"


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Your Foundation in Medical Terminology


In this unit, you’ll be getting familiar with the world of medical terminology and mastering some common terms. This introduction is crucial, as it will form the foundation of the rest of your learning in this program. First, you’ll explore how medical terms are formed using different word parts and master some of the most common parts you’ll encounter. Then, you’ll begin to consider the human body, and gain a preliminary understanding of its structure and systems.

Each unit of this program includes five lessons followed by a Quiz. The Quiz is important! Your score will count toward your final grade. Here’s what you’ll be doing in Unit 1:

Lesson 1: The Fundamentals of Medical Terminology
Get an online preview of how medical terms are formed, and read Chapter 1 in your textbook, “Introduction to Medical Technology.”

Lesson 2: Practicing What You’ve Learned—The Fundamentals of Medical Terminology
Master what you learned in Lesson 1 through a variety of activities and exercises.

Lesson 3: Getting to Know the Human Body
Get an online preview of the structure, tissues, and systems of the human body, and read Chapter 2 in your textbook, “The Human Body in Health and Disease.”

Lesson 4: What Have You Learned?
Take practice quizzes on the material you covered in this unit.

Unit 1 Quiz
Show how far you’ve come in this course by taking the Quiz. Study hard! This Quiz counts toward your final grade.

Your Goals for Unit 1
After you've finished your work for Unit 1, you should be able to:


  1. Identify the four word parts that make up medical terms.
  2. Analyze, define, spell, and pronounce many unfamiliar medical terms.
  3. Locate a term in a medical dictionary.
  4. Recognize, define, and spell terms related to basic anatomy, cells, tissues, glands, genetics, and disease pathology.
  5. Understand the importance of mastering medical terminology—including the value of correct spelling and risks involved in using abbreviations.

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