Gatlin Education
109 East 3rd Street, Suite 350
Fort Worth,   TX   76102 USA
Phone: 817-870-2870, FAX: 817-870-2871

Gatlin Education Services is part of Cengage Learning and ed2go.

About Gatlin Education Services (GES)
GES is the world's largest provider of asynchronous web-based training to colleges, universities and other education providers. GES standardizes online methodology, including system administration, evaluation and instruction with its custom designed, browser-based courseware. A growing number of programs include externship opportunities with major companies. GES also offers optional Career Services to the students it serves.

In addition, Gatlin Education Services' online career training programs allow educational institutions to either jump-start their online education programs or augment existing distance learning options.

About Cengage Learning & ed2go
Cengage Learning delivers highly customized learning solutions for colleges, universities, professors, students, libraries, government agencies, corporations and professionals around the world. ed2go, part of Cengage Learning, is committed to providing high-quality online learning that is affordable and easy to use. With an ever-growing catalog of over 300 courses, ed2go makes it simple for everyone to enrich their lives or reach professional goals in a supportive and engaging environment.